Director of Finance and Technology

Peterborough (City), Ontario
Annual $88,544 to $107,625
January 30, 2024
February 29, 2024
Job Sectors
Healthcare, Not for Profit
Job Type
CPA status
CPA Member


1. Alignment With Funding and Agency Requirements. Duties include but are not limited to:


  • Responsibility to coordinate and ensure the accounting and financial reporting activities of the organization for all Projects, funding sources and the Board of Directors within applicable governing legislation and the M-SAA; providing assistance, research, analysis and advise the Chief Executive Officer regarding financial information that will ensure the efficient and effective use of all THRIVE funds; Ensuring the Finance Department’s operations are consistent with legislative and regulatory requirements; ensuring compliance with M-SAA targets/corridors and submission timelines for reporting and with all applicable legislative and regulatory financial requirements contained or referenced in the M-SAA; Ensuring the organization is operating within the approved operating budget. Ensuring the Management of time sensitive financial planning and reporting, budget development, monthly expenditure analysis and forecast as required by the Board of Directors, the Audit and Finance Committee, Chief Executive Officer, all funding bodies i.e. Ontario Health, municipalities and the M-SAA and submit accordingly;


  • Management of the Finance and IT Department Team.
  • Duties include but are not limited to Directly manage and organize the Finance Department, in accordance with the policies, procedures and standards of the agency and ensure employee compliance; In collaboration with the Human Resources Director, ensure the Finance Department maintains current knowledge and compliance with related employment/ labour regulations and the current Collective Agreement; In collaboration with the Human Resources Director ensure the recruitment, selection and orientation of Finance Department personnel; Ensuring the effective supervision and training of Finance Department personnel; Supervising finance department employees, facilitating a helpful working relationship through regular review meetings; Ensuring employees of the Finance Department adhere to their job descriptions, and are knowledgeable in all aspects of their position and of the agency; Ensuring performance appraisals of Finance Department personnel are conducted on a regular and timely basis as per policy in conjunction with an annual review of job descriptions implementing revisions required; In collaboration with the Human Resources Director, make recommendations regarding  Finance Department personnel promotions, job reclassification, wage increments, discipline and dismissal to the C.E.O.; Consulting with the Human Resources Director regarding progressive disciplinary processes that identify a hierarchy of interventions matched to the level of unacceptable behaviour performance; Encouraging Finance Personnel to take advantage of Professional Development  opportunities as offered as per Policy; Establishing and supporting effective communication systems for the Finance Department; Ensuring the duties of Finance Department personnel are performed in their absence; Motivating employees and maintaining a positive work environment while recognizing that this is a shared responsibility and includes recognition, respect, cooperation and open communication; Role modeling effective teambuilding techniques within all teams throughout the organization; Delegating tasks as appropriate 


  • Effective Agency Financial Management Practices.
  • Participating in the planning processes for the organization; Conveying financial plans, goals and objectives in a measurable and achievable format to the Finance Department employees, CEO, Board of Directors and the Management Team; Ensuring that adequate internal controls and efficient processes exist for financial, property and administrative functions; Creating and maintaining policies and procedures which ensure the long term financial integrity of the organization; Convey, implement, monitor and evaluate financial policies and procedures and make recommendations for change to the Management Team and Audit and Finance Committee for approval; Evaluating financial processes and implementing strategies to achieve organizational goals and objectives, and monitor & evaluate processes for quality assurance; Ensuring Finance Department implementation and compliance with agency Policies and Procedures; Supervising all Financial transactions, recording and reporting required; Administering all journals and ledgers effectively; Monitoring all cash flow and ensure monthly bank reconciliations are prepared; recommend to the CEO  and the Treasurer of the Board regarding the need for credit; Maintaining accurate records of all accounts; Ensuring deposits are made on a regular basis to all accounts; Ensuring the maintenance of all Accounts Receivables for all Projects; Monitoring Accounts Payable and ensure timely cheques are issued as authorized; Monitoring and ensuring accurate Financial records of all Projects; Ensuring compliance with Government legislation pertaining to financial reporting and accounting procedures within the accepted accounting principles and procedures of the profession; Preparing and distribute relevant information (such as monthly financial records, forecasts, subsidy claims, recommendations, etc.) to the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and the Audit and Finance Committee; Compiling information and forecasts for use in preparing the operating budgets. Assisting the Directors in the preparation of draft budgets for submission to the Chief Executive Officer for review; Ensuring draft operating and capital budget submissions are verified, summarized and submitted to the Audit and Finance Committee; Monitoring the approval of all Budgets and ensuring their accuracy; Ensuring all funds and like assets are held in safekeeping; Responding to questions from the Chief Executive Officer, Directors and the Chair or      Treasurer of the Board concerning accounting and financial reporting; Preparing all financial records and materials in preparation for the annual Audit at year end; Responding to all enquiries from the Auditors; Preparing all year end reports such as the ARR and AIR for all Projects and submit to the Auditors; submit the Audited Financial Statements prepared by the Auditors to Ontario Health and the Municipality as required by the M-SAA and the City of Peterborough to meet timelines required; Reviewing Management letters prepared by the Auditors and implement their recommendations; Ensuring the Chief Executive Officer is informed of all matters, conditions or events that can materially effect the organization and provide recommendations for change as required.


  • Effective Agency Information Technology Management. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Performing the responsibilities of IT Administrator and Technology Lead for the organization; Performing functions as the IT Administrator for the organization; Conveying IT plans, goals and objectives in a measurable and achievable format to Finance Department employees and the Management Team as applicable;
  • Ensuring the IT requirements of the agency are updated and maintained including all communication technologies i.e. telephones, voice mail system, computer systems, hardware and software systems. Ensuring that adequate internal controls, security and efficient processes exist for IT functions; Ensuring the implementation and evaluation of the current computer/communication systems and monitor, modify or recommend changes to improve the systems to meet the organizations’ needs; Recommending technology system upgrades or improvements; Communicating with IT providers and community partners regarding IT issues; Providing communication and training on software and other technology related systems as needed.


  • Departmental and Agency Quality Improvement and Strategic Planning. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Evaluating services and implementing strategies to achieve departmental and agency goals and objectives; Participating in the development of the organization’s strategic plan and ensuring all Finance Department personnel maintain ‘line of sight’ and adhere to or implement the priorities developed; Leading quality improvement projects; Reporting on the status of Finance and IT goals, objectives and projects as needed; Creating and updating a department Standards of Practice manual.


  • Participating as an Active Member of the Management Team. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Ensuring the consistent implementation of policies and procedures; Maintaining an appropriate and adequate flow of information to the CEO, Management Team and Board of Directors as required for timely decision making; Identifying and preparing financial and technological policy proposals to the Management Team and Board of Directors for approval Participating in assigned Board Committees and Ad Hoc projects by preparing reports, attending meetings, soliciting feedback, providing input and ensuring staff work plans reflect the goals and objectives of the agency Contributing and participating in the development & maintenance of the Management Team, and other teams as required or requested; Recruiting and selecting Administration Personnel in conjunction with the interview and selection team developed; Ensuring compliance with all agency administrative requirements i.e. payroll, inventory and computer utilization ensuring data base system is operating effectively; Providing adequate back up in the event of emergencies and participating in the agency’s emergency response plan as well as ensuring the emergency response plan is up-to-date re: protection of financial information and systems; Assuming acting Director or CEO responsibilities in the absence of a Director or the CEO; Informing the C.E.O. of all serious incidents, impending and contentious issues and major accomplishments; Reviewing, in conjunction with the Management Team, the administrative structure of the agency on a regular basis, making recommendations for change as required.


  • Participating in general agency expectations. Duties include but are not limited to:
  • Developing and maintaining effective community relations; Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with employees; Participating actively in regular performance appraisals as per policy; Participating in professional development, as required, to remain current in area of responsibility; Utilizing problem solving, communication and negotiation skills with personnel at all levels of the organization; Promoting positive working relationships between the organization, other Agencies and the Community. Performing other job related duties as assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.


  • Assuming Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities. Duties include but are not limited to:
    • Following all legislative requirements in the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as agency policies related to Supervisory Competency and Worker responsibilities.


    Disclaimer: Due to the changing nature of work, the work to be done and the agency’s transition, there is no assurance that the above responsibilities and duties will not change from time to time. The incumbent may be required to perform other job related duties as assigned.

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