CPA Advertising Guide: Top 5 Tips to Make Your Tax Flyers Stand Out

Summer is over in Canada which means that temperatures are cooling down and demand for chartered professional accountants is heating up!

That's right! If you're an accountant it probably comes as no surprise to you that as the calendar moves closer to April 30th, more and more people are looking for professionals to help them get their financial affairs in order.

But with over 210,000 registered CPA's all competing for business around the country, how can you stand out?

Below, our team has outlined some quick tips on how you can make tax flyers ultra-effective at netting you new clients!

1. Keep Things Brief

The most quintessential component of smart marketing is brevity. So, just because you have a whole paper's worth of space to fill up with all of your tax services information doesn't mean you should be packing in paragraphs of text.

Keep your message concise, large, and legible at a glance.

2. Utilize "Web Writing" Principals

There are some nuanced differences between writing for the web and writing for print. Primarily, writing for the web means effective use of headers, white space, and bulleted lists.

In comparison, writing for print means it's okay to have long, dense paragraphs.

For tax flyers, you'll want to lean more on web writing principals to keep your talking points clear and not ask readers to sift through paragraphs.

3. Invest in Good Headlines

Headlines are the first thing readers will see with your tax flyers. If they're good, people will continue to read. If they're bad, people will move on.

For that reason, do your best to have a large, clear, and emotionally evoking headlines on your flyers.

4. Share Benefits

People want to know how a product is going to make their lives easier. To make sure that you're achieving that end with your flyers, be sure to have a bulleted list or some other means of communicating all of the incredible value people will get by engaging you as an accountant.

5. Leverage Outstanding Design

At the end of the day, no matter how much value you can bring to someone's life as an accountant, if your flyer isn't eye-catching in its presentation, nobody is going to read it.

To make sure that design issues don't hold back your message, consider hiring a professional to put together your flyer. Alternatively, you could use Adobe spark to create flyers by leveraging their outstanding templates.

Wrapping Up 5 Tips to Make Your Tax Flyers Standout

With heightened tax season demand comes heightened tax season competition. To make sure that your tax flyers don't get lost in the shuffle, we recommend leveraging our tips above.

Each one of them will help you plus out your marketing and capture the attention of what could be lifelong customers!

Want more of the best resources available to Canada-based accountants? If so, look no further than our Chartered Professional Accountants Ontario website.

On it, you can learn how to maximize your tax business, find CPA professionals in your area, and learn about the benefits of becoming a CPA if you aren't one already!

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