4 Quick Tips to Become a Successful Self Employed Accountant

Crunching numbers and balancing books is your superpower. Now, it's time to take that superpower to another level by starting your own business.

Yes, you are excited. And yes, you are also nervous. But yes, becoming a successful business owner is in the cards for you: You just need to know where to start -- and how to keep your venture going strong.

Fortunately, we've compiled a guide for accountants who are aspiring entrepreneurs. Here's a rundown on four quick tips for becoming a successful self employed accountant.

Let's jump in!

1. Get Educated to Become a Self Employed Accountant

If you're interested in owning your own accounting business, you'll first need to earn an accounting bachelor's degree in college. While in school, you'll learn subjects like managerial accounting, business finance, and marketing.

Next, you may want to take the Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, examination. This will allow you to earn the CPA designation, which can make it easier for you to draw clients and portray yourself as an industry subject matter expert and leader.

2. Select a Business Name/ Legal Structure

After obtaining the accounting educational foundation you need to succeed in business, be sure to name your company.

You'll also need to choose an appropriate structure for the business -- for example, you could set up a limited liability company, which is ideal if you'd like to minimize your personal liability. Alternatively, you could create a sole proprietorship if you're going into business by yourself.

3. Choose a Business Location

As a self-employed accountant, you may want to start out by working from your home, as this will save you money. You could also work at clients' homes or businesses.

However, over time, it may behoove you to rent out commercial space. This will make you look more professional to clients long term, and it'll also be easier for you to grow your business by adding employees to the roster.

According to thepaystubs.com, when you do add employees, consider issuing them electronic pay stubs, which are more efficient to use versus paper stubs.

4. Market Your New Accounting Firm

You can use digital tools, like Facebook Ads, to market your business to potential clients online.

Also, be sure to share your new business with friends and family. After all, word of mouth is a powerful tool for promoting a business.

How We Can Help

As alluded to earlier, an important part of becoming a self employed accountant is becoming a CPA. This is why we offer guidance on becoming a CPA.

On our site, you'll learn how to join a free information session on how to become a CPA. You'll also learn about the various tools available for helping you to attain the CPA designation.

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